Heart To Heart

How is the world ticking along, people? Are we working to make it a better place?
My greatest wish is that we can live cordially with one another.

Human beings are territorial by nature, but that doesn’t mean we cannot cooperate as part of the whole. Every human being is a world on its own, then part of a bigger world. Each world has many parts or regions that should work together. Each world should be a well-oiled machine with as little friction as possible.

As the heart has four chambers working together, one hand should feed the other.

There are two chambers on the right and two on the left. To have a ‘heart to heart’ or a mutual dialogue, each heart (person) must reach out to the other. Let me relate the mutuality to how our biological heart pumps blood around the human body.

The heart has four chambers. One chamber on the right side of the heart receives blood that hasn’t got much oxygen from our body. It then passes the blood to the second chamber on the same right side of the heart.

The second chamber then passes the blood to the lung. The lungs help to oxygenate the blood and then pass the blood to the third chamber on the left side of the heart. The third chamber then passes the blood to the fourth chamber, which distributes the oxygenated or cleaned blood to vital organs. The process repeats over and over again until everything runs smoothly.

We can learn from this natural phenomenon.

Let us not be afraid to help one another to get the best out of this world.