Hombo The Tortoise:

There are a lot of things small animals can do very well. Hombo the Tortoise and his crew cooked up a plan to build a new school just for small animals.They were fed up with the noise big animals like the Elephant and Lion made in class.The big animals would have their say in the whole matter, but the small animals may as well hold on to their plan.

The Jealous Tiger

The Lion has had a fair share of respect and honour. The Lion’s birthday celebrations were lavish with all animals attending and partying hard,but there was one very Jealous Tiger who thought it was time to redirect that attention.It was time for Bika to go to a place where there are no Lions. See how Bika got on in his newly found abode.

The King Must Laugh

Sparky’s dream job interview could not have come at a more inopportune time. Oh, how he would love to perform at the king’s palace! Sadly, he has fallen ill. When his best friend Mya comes to visit, he enlists her to go in his place.

Lessons Learnt

The Dove Spirit

The dove has always been used as s symbol of peace. Why is that? Because there are a couple of places in Scripture that point to the dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The first is found in the story of Noah and the flood.
Following the flood, Noah sent out a dove to see if the waters had rescinded upon the earth because he wished to know if it was safe to leave the ark. The first time the dove was sent out, it simply returned to him, signifying that there was no dry land yet….