Every human being or even animals desire one thing or the other. That means everyone have hope in something.

Around March of 2020, most people had plans. But all that hope was dashed when Covid arrived.

Within the first few weeks hope was renewed when we thought that all we had to do was to stay at home for a brief period and the situation would be under control.

Again that hope was dashed when the infection rates increased even further.

No one would have thought that Tokyo 2020 Olympics which was about 5 months away would be postponed. That was a dashed hope.

When I first heard of COVID, I just thought its going to be like Ebola that eventually found its way out, but it wasn’t to be.

Many people have lost their livelihood, many business closed down, freedom of movement which is one of humanity’s greatest rights was restricted.

The saddest part is the massive loss of lives.

Our hearts go out to every one who have suffered one loss or the other.

A lot of companies must have been caught unawares, because a pandemic of this kind was probably not in their contingency plans. You plan for heavy snow, tornadoes, floods, fires, earthquakes, transport union strikes, airport closures etc., but how do you effectively plan for an unknown pandemic?

Businesses hope that a lot of customers will come through their doors on a certain day, but many hopes have been dashed.

As well as companies folding up, the economy suffers as well. When there is no spending and companies lay off staff, then there are less people in the workforce who would end up paying tax.

That is one angle from which we can look at how a long term pandemic can affect the economy.

Humans are blessed with intelligence to deal with a lot of issues, but sometimes there is no guarantee that we can come up with the solutions at the right time.

Of course we have to keep hoping because hope creates enthusiasm and enthusiasm fuels action.

We cannot give up so we still have to keep hoping and working at new solutions.

The one thing that is guaranteed from this pandemic is that we will definitely end up doing things differently from now on. Businesses would need to think ahead and prepare in case this situation is repeated. God forbid that this kind of pandemic happens again, but it will be naive to think that this will be the last.

But despite all we have gone through, we still need to thank God that we are not in the era of say 100 years ago. In the modern era, medical technologies have improved a lot and I am sure more lives have been saved as a result. We now have a more sophisticated ICU unit breathing apparatus. Imagine what would happen to the economy and the death rates if this pandemic happened then.

New technology will certainly improve how working relationships are set up in the future.

Working from home requires some form of technologies. Companies need to be able to communicate with their staff in order to get things done.

What would happen if there are no mobile phones and computers.

We just have to look forward.

So the moral of this message is that plans that have an earthly outcome cannot be guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a child of God we must understand this aspect of life on earth.

The good news however, is that the mercy of God is available.

God is merciful to whoever He wants to have mercy on.

That is one hope we can hang on to.

We can pray for God to be merciful. If God considered our sins, mercy would be far, far away from us. Romans 9:15-16.

So all we can do is to plead for God’s mercy.

Even though we take all necessary steps to ensure safety, nothing is guaranteed.

Hope in physical things is not guaranteed to produce the expected result.

You can fall many times, but where there is God’s mercy there is recovery.

Don’t give up hope on achieving earthly goals because of what you are going through.

Cast your eyes on the Lord and mercy could be yours for the taking.

Looking away from physical things, there is one type of hope that can never fail.

Do you know what that hope is?

It is the hope in the spiritual or eternal glory that God has reserved for His children.

In the old testament Aaron was an ordained leader of Israel’s priesthood but the main reward he was to receive from God was not an earthly one.

The Lord said to Aaron, “You will have no inheritance in their land, nor will you have any share among them; I am your share and your inheritance among the Israelites.

Numbers 18:20. Even though Aaron made some mistakes during his time leading the children of Israel with his brother Moses, God still rewarded him because of his priestly duties.

You can see here that there is no guarantee of earthly hope.

Giving your life to Christ and getting closer to God is wise thing.